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A few weeks ago, Lush Duck tweeted me & asked if I'd like to review their Kitoko Hair Oil... I was rather excited & within a few days I had a lovely surprise through the door. Lush Duck offer organic and natural beauty products & say that they're on a mission to save our skin, hair, body and soul, as well as the environment. All Kitoko products are free from Animal Testing, Salt, Parabens, Silicones and Sulphates.

Product Info
The Kitoko hair oil treatment is an advanced therapy oil treatment, which contains a blend of Karite Oil, Argan Oil & Vitamins A&E. These fabulous ingredients not only revive tired hair, they help neutralise free-radicals & protect the hair from environmental & chemical damage. 

Does it do what is says on the bottle?
In a nutshell, yes!
Being totally honest, I put my hair through a lot… I bleach it regularly & have done so for many years, I also frequently use heated styling tools & so I have to make conscious effort to keep my hair in tip-top condition. From time to time I rest my hair & let the colours fade, unfortunately, this often backfires & I have to work harder in order to boost shine. 

The concept of using hair oil is new to me, I applied 8 drops or so to the palm of my hand & massaged it through my damp hair, I dried & styled it as normal. This left my hair smooth, shiny & it did not feel weighted down. Just as I was getting fed up of my pastel colours, people started commenting about how nice it looked. Since I began using the treatment, I have bleached & recoloured my hair & wow, was I surprised, not only was my hair soft & shiny, the treatment enhanced the depth of my hair colour!

I'm gradually using less oil as my overall hair condition has improved and for the first time I've found a home hair care product which gives me the feeling that I've just left the hair salon. 

The treatment is lightly scented, which is very appealing. The anti-drip dispenser prevents over-use & spillages.

The 10ml bottle will probably last 2/3 months & at £6.50 this is great value for money & to top it off, the glass bottle will be recyclable! I couldn't fault the hair treatment & I think it will become a staple product within my hair-care routine.

The product is available from: lushduck.co.uk. Lush Duck run a loyalty points scheme which is a definitely worth checking out & orders delivered within the UK are free of charge. 

✿ Cyclopentasiloxane ✿ Dimethicone ✿ Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) ✿ Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil ✿ Tocopheryl Acetate ✿ Retinyl Palmitate ✿ Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate ✿ Parfum (Fragrance) ✿ Benzyl Alcohol ✿ Coumarin ✿ Limonene ✿ Linalool ✿

Product Features
Taken from Lush Duck
• Provides intense nourishment, whilst smoothing & strengthening the hair
• Improves the hair’s elasticity
• Lightweight formula, perfect for all hair types
• Restores shine and moisture balance
• Excellent for replenishing brittle hair & split ends

Kitoko Advanced Hair Therapy products are not 100% free from man-made chemicals, however they are completely free from sulphates, parabens, waxes or mineral oils, making them as kind and gentle as possible to both your hair and skin.

Kitoko hair oil treatment is available in 2 sizes.
♥ 10ml costs £6.50 ♥ 95ml costs £24.50 ♥



  1. Im loving the whole hair oil thing atm! Ive been using one and its fab, need to do a post on it soon. Think I'll give this one a try though, my hair needs all the help it can get haha xox

    1. This is the first oil I've used & I definitely prefer it to the serum's I've tried. The Kitoko oil has massively improved my hairs condition, I look forward to reading your post! xxx


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