XFactor: Love It, Or Hate It - The Marmite Of Saturday Night TV Has Returned!

Last night, British television saw the return of the XFactor... Throughout my time at uni, I was always lumbered with being the entertainment reporter & writing scripts about the XFactor, I'm a Celebrity, Big Brother & Strictly Come Dancing were often on the agenda.  To be honest, I found it totally boring & so I would watch the programmes the following day on catch up, skipping the bits I didn't like - I also used to ask others for their opinions... 

It worked though...
I'm now a fully qualified journalist
  *high fives* 

Unfortunately, the downside to this is that I actually rather miss the XFactor & so earlier this year I took myself along to one of the live auditions as a member of the audience...
Who am I trying to kid? I thought it would be a cheap giggle!

Having watched the auditions (live) & last nights edited version... It's quite clear how much the production team manipulate & manage our entertainment, the operative word being 'entertainment'... 

The 2011 XFactor viewing figures were down from 14.13 million (2010) to 12.36 million (2011) - it looks like the downward spiral for viewing figures is to continue, with last nights shocking count of 9.2million... It is believed that the absence of Simon Cowell and his abrupt and unfriendly manner to some contestants was behind the fall in figures, however if this is the case, when word gets out about Mel B living up to her reputation as 'scary spice' in theory the figures will improve. It looks like Mr. Nasty has met his match. Mel B was cringeworthy!

Riddle me this... If the Spice Girl were to audition for the XFactor, would they make it to Boot Camp? Would they impress the judges with their flawless vocals? Or would they make it to the category, which the majority of viewers enjoy at this stage, the LMFAO category?

... I digressed ... 

If you prefer your acts a little less polished & a little bit off the wall, check out the Xtra Factor, for the fun & frolics which go on behind the scenes. 

If like thousands of others, you feel the need to put yourself in front of four judges; a production team & an unpredictable audience... Get yourself a reality check, because once you've stepped on that stage & the camera(s) are rolling, it's out of your hands! Last nights episode broadcast Zoe Alexander, the Pink tribute act & her televised tantrum; not only did she not get 3 yes's, she made a total ass of herself! 

Having the XFactor can mean many things & for this Saturday night entertainment production, a great affinity with an audience & a comedic personality are not going to see you through to the live shows. These judges are looking for individuals who's vocals lift the hairs on the back of their neck, bring tears to their eyes and finally can be moulded into what is considered a 'marketable' product in today's popular music scene. 

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