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I read this earlier today on Hurtful Essences & thought it might be of interest... 

Dr Dan Lyons of Uncaged has recently contacted the Advertising Standards Authority to make a complaint about Aussie & their animal testing policy, which stated that their products were not tested on animals... 

The Advertising Standards Authority contacted Aussie Hair/P&G who admitted that their claim that 'Aussie products are not tested on animals' is wrong & they immediately removed it.

Sadly this means that consumers who were mis-informed may have been duped into supporting Aussie Hair & their supposed 'not tested on animal products'... Earlier this year Avon; Mary Kay & Estee Lauder (with their subsidiary brands) where also forced to remove their not tested on animals claims from their websites.

When will these companies learn? As they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people, all of the time!


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  2. I've been really disappointed by the number of companies I've had to drop in the past year since they've abandoned their cruelty-free testing policies in the name of more money. I've been e-mailing companies all summer and fall to ask about their policies, and lots of them never write back, even after multiple e-mails. I suppose they think that I'll keep buying their products until I hear that they test, but it's actually the opposite--until I'm sure, I avoid them!


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