Deal Or No Deal - Don't Take Me For A Ride...

It's that time of week again *grumble-grumble* This week, it's all about car insurance... what a ball-ache! 

Exactly a week ago, my car insurance was due for renewal... I'd had the usual phone calls, emails & letters to remind me that my car insurance was due - I was horrified when the quote was given - it was an increase of almost 25% - I stated it was a no-goer & that I would look for a cheaper quote elsewhere.

Anyhow, between one thing & another & after making various enquiries, I finally settled on a policy £500 cheaper - for the same service! Yup, five-hundred-pounds... 

So what's my grumble, apart from the obvious? 

Rolling contract(s)... If you don't cancel, they just take the money (it's in the small print - in my case, it was on the back of the letter) Good job that my Dad knows me well & has been insuring cars for longer than he'd allow me to say & he kept reminding me to look & then I found it, with 24hours to go! I phoned my now ex-car insurance company to tell them that I would not be renewing & had found the same deal cheaper... 

So what's my grumble? 

At the point of rejection, with 24hours to go... The adviser suggested that she updated my details & offered to try to match my cheaper quote - I didn't take her up on the offer, out of principle. In the previous weeks, they knew I was not going to settle for their quote. 

Now on the table phone, is the cheaper offer (dun.dun.dun) IF they were in a position to offer me a cheaper price, they should have done that in the first place, saving me time, money & patience!

I have decided not to name the companies that I have been dealing with because it seems that for insurance companies this is a standard way of procedure. 

On a positive note, I am now a named-driver on my other-half's car for the grand sum of £1.06p (yes, one-pound & six-pence) - perhaps I should stop driving my own car? ❀‿❀


  1. Insurance is so frustrating; it definitely seems like way too many companies have decided to forego customer service.


  2. Car insurance is a pain in the butt. Totally one of those things I wish was for free. Actually, I wish everything was for free so I could spend more money traveling! Ah! Glad you found another insurance company that is cheaper!


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