oooh Stick You...

It's that time of week again, where has the time gone? I hope you've all had a good week, I'm pleased to say that my week has been pretty much moan-free! 

This week's moan is something which from time to time bothers me, then I deal with it, forget about it... until it happens again.

My moan today is about sticky security tags, which have been poorly positioned & placed upon products. On Saturday, whilst out shopping I picked up some beautiful Too Faced cosmetics palettes in TKMaxx - I'll be honest, I was pretty chuffed with myself, I'd been keeping my eye out for their Eyeshadow Insurance for some time & then I managed to pick it up along with some other palettes for a fraction of the price which I was expecting to pay (hooray)..

Along with the Eyeshadow Insurance, I picked up TF's In Your Dreams palette, I couldn't help myself... As lovely as it is, I must keep on topic. When I'd taken my shopping home, I noticed that a security sticker had been placed right on the front of the box... I like to keep my palettes in their boxes, without stickers, so that I can photograph them for reviews & so I can keep them tidy. 

I worried that when trying to remove the sticker, I would remove some of the design. My Dad suggested holding a hairdryer over the sticker, to melt the glue & as a result lift the sticker. Earlier today, I gave it a go & voila it worked!

The solution was simple, but what a nuisance!

Poorly placed stickers are almost as annoying as products without a price!

Until next time... 


  1. Your dad is a genius! Have to give this ago next time as they irritate me too. Mostly on CDs for me because a badly placed sticker means trouble storing.

  2. I love it when the sticker is covering up important information like what's included in the box! And I agree with Jodie - your Dad is a genius! :)



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