L'Oreal, because you're not worth it...

Earlier this year Urban Decay temporarily lost their Leaping Bunny status when they ummed & ahhed about whether or not they should begin selling within the Chinese Market (where animal testing is required by law).  After thousands of bloggers, tweeters & consumers protested & declared their outrage, a month later UD withdrew their proposal & they were re-awarded their Leaping Bunny certification. Satisfying the desires of the ethical shopper.

Earlier this evening I was disappointed to read that today animal testing giants L'Oreal announced that they have signed an agreement to buy the company. The official statement is yet to be released, but I shall share the link once it's available online. 

L'Oreal aren't shy about the use of animals in the testing of their cosmetics & although they claim that have they have not tested on animals since 1989, they knowingly allow their products to be tested on animals within China for the Chinese Market - currently a requirement of Chinese Law.

In June, when UD declared they were thinking of selling in China, their reasons were financial & that they hoped they could change the ways of the Chinese Government from within. These takeover bids do not happen overnight & I'm wondering if it was at this point that L'Oreal saw a vulnerability within the company... I could be completely off track, but either way I'm really disappointed! 

Urban Decay have said that they will remain a cruelty free company & therefore that puts them in the same group as The Body Shop, who are also cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified yet owned by L'Oreal who are not.

I know where I draw the line, do you?


  1. Im in two minds about china. On one hand it's cruel that the sell products tested on animals then I think products like the body shop, urban decay and mac are world known procure doing their thing. If by selling in china gives them the revenue abd "step in the door" to advance in cruelty free testing not just in china (as the money will go all around the company) maybe it's a necessocery evil? Another company will just fill the void.
    Ps I hate l oreal products! I usedthem about 7 years ago when I just started sixty form and couldn't afford anything and I ended up cutting all my heir off as it fit that awful!

  2. Im disappointed. So many companies are losing their status these days, its getting harder to find good cruelty free products when advancements in science should provide us with more options than animal testing. I understand medical animal testing to a degree, but cosmetics are a no no. I feel betrayed, weird, but true. xox

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