What Is My Skin Type?

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm hoping to put together a series of skincare posts, which will include my favourite products; specialist products I've found for specific skin types & a couple of guest posts from fellow bloggers who have particularly quirky skincare routines... I'm hoping it'll be both a helpful & enjoyable series of posts to write.

It is important to identify the three types of problematic skin...

✿ Dry ✿
✿ Combination ✿
✿ Oily ✿

Different skin types will require different routines & cosmetics, so determining your skin type is crucial in ensuring you're on the right path to a flawless complexion.

FACT:: About 70% of women have combination skin

Oily skin tends to be...
✿ Shiny
✿ Have enlarged pores
✿ Prone to blackheads & spots
✿ Make-Up does not stay on the skin all day & has a tendency to 'slide-off'

Combination skin tends to be...
✿ Smooth & even texture
✿ Good circulation
✿ Healthy colour
✿ Dry cheeks
✿ Oily T-Zone

Dry skin usually...
✿ Feels tight
✿ Has a tendency to flake
✿ Often has red patches
✿ Shows make-up to be uneven, on dull areas

These characteristic are generalisied & skin may be predominately combination, but sway towards oil or dry... However, it's important to identify your skin type in order to know that you're giving it the correct treatment & are putting your pennies into the right places.

If you're interested in writing a guest post, or have anything 
you'd like to share please comment below...


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