Lush Cosmetics To Discontinue The Enchanter

I have some sad news Glameroons, LUSH have announced that they will be discontinuing their Enchanter Ballistic... As you can see, it's absolutely beautiful! 

The Enchanter is definitely one of my favourite bath bombs... Not only is it scented with the essential oils of uplifting & zingy lime, neroli & frankincense the colours match my hair! The Enchanter was initially released as a limited-edition Halloween product, which was fortunately kept on until Christmas & then into the New Year. 

You may recognise the Enchanter's fruity scent, as it was previously used for the Skullduggery & Calavera bath bombs (previous years), so hopefully it will return this Halloween!

Despite the Enchanter occasionally having the ability to stain the skin, I found that by using a small amount of bubble-bar I was able to leave the bath un-stained (seriously, give it a try).

I am definitely going to miss this spell-binding beauty... 

The Enchanter is available in-store & online @ £3.20

Have you tried the Enchanter? 
Will you be stocking up?

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  1. we should follow each other :)


  2. Bummer, that looks so pretty and it sounds like it smells divine!!


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