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Easy Vegan & Gluten Free Cupcakes

Here's a great recipe for vegan cupcakes.
 I took my recipe one step further because one of my colleagues is celiac. 

Makes 12
150g/6oz dairy free spread/margarine 
150g/6oz sugar 
150g/6oz SR flour - I used Doves Farm, Gluten Free
3 heaped tsp Orgran No Egg mixed with 6 tbsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
Cupcake Cases
Muffin Tin

{01} Cream the spread & sugar together until light & fluffy
{02} Add the remaining ingredients & mix until they're combined
{03} Using a spoon, distribute the mix between 12 cupcake cases
{04} Bake at 180C/170 Fan/350F/Gas Mark 4 for approximately 20minutes
{05} Cool on a wire rack

Vegan Butter Icing
50g/2oz dairy free spread/margarine
100g/4oz icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extra
1-2 tbsp boiled water

{01} Soften the spread
{02} Add the vanilla
{03} Beat in the icing sugar gradually adding the boiling water to soften the mixture

Note: Don't open the oven to check the cakes until after 15minutes, because the egg-replacer takes longer to set than eggs - we don't want soggy bottoms & sinking cakes.

I'm not gonna lie, I was really pleased with how these cakes turned out! 
If you want to make the chocolate icing, just add 1tsp of cocoa powder.

Happy Baking!


  1. My partner has to have gluten free and I am always looking for something different and delicious to bake, these look gorgeous

  2. Wow these look amazing. My Brother in law cannot have gluten. Will have to give these a try

  3. these look amazing :)
    must have a try at making these !


  4. Ahh they look so good too!
    Been looking for a good no egg recipe :)

    Best wishes, Danielle.


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