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My Week On Instagram:: 004

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027: An Assortment of Light Refreshments...
These drinks are lovely, it's just a shame that they're rarely on offer. 

028: It's easy being Vegan! 
Had this yummy sizzling-veg stir-fry in plum sauce for lunch at The Four Crosses in Amlwch,
 will definitely be ordering this again!

029: Meet Gwendoline...
She's my Nain's doorstop, isn't she a cutie!

030: Charlane Harris - Living Dead In Dallas
I've almost completed reading this series, they're quite a light & easy read,
definitely worth picking up.

031: Crazy Rumours Lip Balms
I was pretty chuffed when these were launched in Holland & Barrett -they're vegan; 
BUAV approved & available in yummy flavours!

032: Shopping My Stash:
Round 1.. These are beautiful affordable luxuries, I'm looking forward 
to putting them to good use - review to follow.

033: A Lovely Afternoon Soak
A pre-gig soak to try & get myself perked up with Lord of Misrule, Sonic Death Monkey, 
Starlight Starbright & a beautiful mint & bergamot candle.

034: Cradle of Filth & Behemoth...
A fabulous night out with my bestie - Hooray for Black Metal.

 035: Lord Of Misrule
This has to be one of my favourite bath-bombs!
It's such a shame that it was discontinued, I hope it makes a re-appearance...

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  1. i never tried to be vegan as i know i cant live without meat, my mother-in law is though, i think its a bit of a struggle for her when she sees something like diners, drive-in and dives

  2. I'm off to find you on Instagram now x x

  3. Great photos...I've got the Charlene Harris books to read on holiday!

  4. Some great finds there. Love the doorstop!

  5. You've been busy, I love Instagram too!

  6. i love your nain's Gwendoline. so cute!

  7. What I would give for a long relaxing soak! x

  8. I love IG too and this is a great way to look back on your week as I usually snap at least one picture each day.

  9. love a good veggie stir fry!

  10. I love instagram - my timeline is full of fab pictures

  11. I'm a vegetarian but I'd love to step it up and be vegan. Plum sauce sounds lovely.

  12. We tried being vegan for a month, actually loved it a lot more than we thought - but do love our meat too!
    I do love my Lush stuff too - it's well lush :D Got lots of it for Mother's Day!

    Love Instagram! You can follow me too here: @cherry_o x

  13. Vegan lip balms, never thought about it, wow! I have a friend who is a vegan and I know she avoids even things like chocolate but never thought about things like lip balm!xx

  14. I like the idea of having all your IG photos together, it's such a great way to get a snapshot of your week. x

  15. Great pictures. I haven't any experience of instagram but think I must be missing out!

  16. That vegan stirfry sounds delicious. Will have to find you on IG.

  17. What a fab catch-up. Really gives us a sense of your personality!

  18. Oh wow, love the turtle doorstop, so cute!

  19. I love your blog and just followed! Would you check out my blog as I have just started?

    Thank you,

  20. Love your blog so much! do you wanna follow each other? follow me and I will follow you right back!
    Have a lovely day!

    Bryony xxx

  21. Great book choice there hehe, been meaning to read the True Blood novels :)
    Absolutely loving your blog! Following on GFC & bloglovin! Would love it if you checked out my latest post :) xx


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