Veggie Percy™ [OM.NOM.NOM]

I remember last August when M&S launched Veggie Percy, I was really rather excited! However, not only I, but others have had difficulty getting hold of them until recently. It seems that their availability is increasing & last weekend I was lucky enough to get my paws on a couple of packets.

Even within the store where I purchased them, they were not easy to find... They were not with the other confectionary & I had to rummage through some large tubs which were placed near the checkouts! 

On the plus side, they were on offer (2 for £2.50)

These sweets are lush & the packets I brought home didn’t last long! These Veggie Percy’s have a green ear to distinguish them from the non-veggie Percy Pigs & their cute face & yummy berry taste makes them utterly more-ish!

Despite the launch of Veggie Percy, the original Percy Pigs are still for sale... They are not marketed as ‘contains real pig’ (gelatine) which although most sweets aren’t, it seems a little odd that the veggie friendly range is marketed as ‘Gelatine Free - Veggie Percy’

In my opinion, M&S could withdraw the Percy Pigs (which contain gelatine) & the Veggie Percy’s would simply become ‘Percy Pigs’ which are suitable for vegetarians

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled that M&S have introduced a veggie friendly alternative into their popular Percy Pig range & I’m looking forward to more of the range becoming suitable for vegetarians!

Nutrition Information
Per Veggie Percy25 calories, trace protein, 6.2g Carbohydrate, 3.9g sugar, trace fat, trace saturated fat, trace fibre, trace salt. Contains no artificial colours or flavours. 
Suitable for vegetarians.
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice from concentrate (3%), citric acid, gelling agent: pectin, hydrolysed pea protein, fruit and vegetable concentrates (grape, blackcurrant, elderberry, apple, safflower), flavourings (strawberry, cherry, raspberry and grape), glazing agent: beeswax.

These sweets are not suitable for vegans as beeswax is used as the gelling agent.


  1. need to get a non vegi to do a side by side comparison... *offers self up in a heroic attempt to get fed sweets* =]

    1. hehe, I'm sure something can be arranged! I have a stash & have since discovered veggie collins! x


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