How To Maintain Vibrant Hair Colour

I've been colouring my hair for almost 10 years although I use semi-permanent colours there are a number of ways in which I maintain them & prolong their vibrancy before they fade. There are some colours which hold better than others. My favourite brand is crazy colour, however I have been just as successful with rusk & stargazer & one of my very good friends uses specialfx. The fixability of a colour will depend on hair length; type & cleansing & styling tools. Obviously, the frequency of washing.

Here are my top tips for maintaining vibrant hair colour(s)
Use colour friendly shampoo's when washing your hair
Shampoo will ultimately wash away your colour if you need to wash your hair daily try a dry shampoo intermittently, this will remove grease & add instant volume
After initially colouring your hair, wait at least 48hours before you wet-shampoo it - this gives the hair time to absorb the colour
If you are only using 1 colour, add a little bit of hair dye to your conditioner so that you top-up your colour slightly each time you condition your hair
Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoo where possible although they are fab if you wan't to accelerate colour removal
Using an intense conditioning treatment after colouring your hair can help prolong the colour & also make you're hair feel fab, just be sure not to over-use them
Be Brave... Rinse your hair using cool water, because cold water closes the cuticles
Whilst the colour is developing, wrap your hair in cling-film, this prevents drips but also creates a warm environment for the hair colour to develop
Avoid direct sunlight as it increases the rate in which dye fades
Avoid swimming, especially with freshly dyed hair because chlorinated water causes hair to fade & change colour 
I once went swimming with purple hair & left with a greeny brown *sadface*
Although, rinsing hair before swimming can reduce the effects


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    1. Thankies, right back at you! It's such high maintenance, especially in the heat! x

  2. Great advice! I've recently started colouring with crazy colours, but thinking of trying Directions next. Any recommendations?

  3. Thank you! Crazy Colour & Stargazer are my favourite, although I rather like Rusk... I tried a blue directions dye last year & it made my hair a weird grey colour... Having said that, the first time I dyed my hair blue using Rusk, I went out & when I came home it was green o_O Blue's are quite tricky!

    This is the website I use to look at different brands & colours x

  4. Really useful post, thank you!


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