30 Day Lush Challenge: Day Four

✿ Do you use Lush Skincare, which are your favourite products & why do you love them? ✿

Of course I use Lush Skincare, for I am a self-confessed Lushie ^__^

My current skincare routine includes the following products... 

✿ Ultrabland 
This product removes ALL of my makeup, including waterproof mascara & works as a fabulous all over the face cleanser, leaving my skin feeling super clean & soft.

✿ Angels On Bare Skin 
This isn't Lush's no1 selling skincare product for nothing! It gently exfoliates, whilst cleansing & calming the skin with Lavender & Chamonmile... It's also smells like the lavender warming bags which you put in the microwave *mmhmm*

Both Ultrabland & Angels On Bare Skin contain Rose Absolute, which soothes skin & improves its appearance.

✿ Toner Water 
My favourite of the 3 Toner Waters in the Tea Tree, it's super refreshing! In addition to cleansing the skin, prior to applying moisturiser, it can be spritzed on the face as a cooling spray!

✿ Imperialis 
This moisturiser is really light & works as a wonderful primer, before applying foundation.

Both Angels On Bare Skin & Tea Tree Toner Water contain antibacterial & anti-septic properties.

images from the Lush Times, The Summer Issue 2012


  1. I love Lush. Everything smells so good :-).

    Happy weekend!


  2. Thank you for stopping by ^__^

    I Hope you're having a good week!



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