30 Day Lush Challenge: Day Ten

✿ What haircare products do you love? 

✿ Do you use Lush haircare in your daily routine? 

Lush haircare is a pretty recent discovery for me, however I'm a huge fan of everything I've used... 

Although I don't use the Dirty Styling Cream myself, I love the smell & my other half uses it,
  which makes it smell even yummier... 

DADDY-O Shampoo
This shampoo is super to even out brassy blondes, it also has a lovely scent 
& can be used as a toner to lighten bright artificial hair colours.

HAIR DOCTOR: Fresh Hair Mask
It has a strange smell, but oh my goth it makes my hair so soft & shiny!
It also has to be kept in the fridge, due to the fresh ingredients.

NO DROUGHT: Dry Shampoo
This product is great for adding volume & removing excess oils.
It's better than any dry shampoo I've used out of a can!

VEGANESE: Conditioner
I have been using this conditioner for a couple of days,
it's really light & makes my hair feel lovely. 

R&B Moisturising Cream
I love to apply this product throughout the day,
it keeps my hair in tip-top condition!

images from lush.com

edited using my own software

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