Checking In...

Is it just me, or did July whizz by super fast?! 
I honestly don't know where the month went... 

Once again, it's that time of year, when it's August (Hello August) & as per usual, I have oodles to say & far too many distractions to keep my fingers dancing on the keyboard... *blushes* 

At the beginning of the month, I became a year older & towards the end of the month I found myself a new job *yippee*

Overall, I found July to be pretty exhausting, nonetheless it was productive & as a result, I have lots of exciting things to write about!

Hope everybody is well!


  1. Your kitty looks a lot like my kitty :)

    Check out Koma Unwind!!:
    And of course me:

  2. It's funny that you should say that; his brother lives around the corner & they look almost identical!
    He's such a naughty boy!
    One of my dearest friends lives in Canada & I'll ask her to check them out!
    I'm a big fan of your blog *cheesy grin*



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