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I've had a couple of people ask me about Cruelty Free Supermarkets & so I thought I'd re-share the info from the 'Cruelty Free Supermarket' page as a post... 

I would like to make it quite clear that not all products sold within these supermarkets is cruelty free, infact they're pretty shameful in promoting products which have been testing on animals (especially during the Olympics --> Proctor & Gamble).

If you're interested, read the info carefully...

Correct at date of publishing: 27/05/2012

The Co-Op BUAV Approved

In 1998, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)1 launched the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS), with a view to providing consumers with an independent assurance mark that identifies cosmetics and toiletries that have not been tested on animals. 100% of own-brand toiletries carry the Standard's 'rabbit and stars' logo, although the Group does not sell own-brand colour cosmetics, such as lipstick and mascara. As part of its accreditation, a fixed cut-off date of 1985 was agreed. This means that no own-brand toiletry products, or their ingredients, have been tested on animals since 1985.


Tesco brand non-food products are not tested on animals by us or our suppliers, nor on our behalf. As a five-star donor, Tesco contributes £10,000 a year to the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experimentation (FRAME), which seeks to end animal testing.

Sainsburys BUAV Approved

We are opposed to animal testing and have not commissioned any testing on Sainsbury's beauty products or the ingredients they contain since 1988. Animals are used to test our own-label pet food for flavour, preference and palatability in a similar way to the human taste panels we use for food ranges. These animals are kept in a healthy environment, managed by our suppliers, and we do not permit any establishment that carries out any form of invasive animal testing to house or care for these animals.


Even though the UK stopped licensing animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients in 1998, more than 35,000 animals in the European Union alone are used for testing cosmetics and toiletries every year. The John Lewis Partnership believes such practices are unethical and unnecessary and should be banned. Waitrose has been a corporate sponsor of FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) since 1996.

Waitrose own label household products, i.e. laundry, detergents and domestic cleaning products, are not tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals on behalf of Waitrose.

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