30 Day Lush Challenge: Day Sixteen

✿ Do you use hair masks, foot treatment products or face masks regularly? 

✿ What’s your ultimate at-home Lush spa night? 

Did somebody say a night in?! Corr, when do I have time for a night in?... mm, if I could find the time, my ultimate at-home Lush Spa Night would include a little bit of everything,
 think: Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes...
hair treatments, face masks, massage bars, toner tabs & foot soaks

I'm a big fan of the fresh face masks & 
usually have a selection living in my fridge! 

I didn't want to write a post which was too picture heavy or basically a shopping list, so keep posted for my 'post-fest ~ pamper sesh' post which I shall be uploading during the week!


  1. I actually did not know lush was sold in US! Lol but I'm so excited to try some of their products, thanks for the review :-)

    1. They're definitely worth checking out ^__^
      I had a quick look & the USA range is so different to the UK!


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