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Evening Blog~lings!

Just a quick introduction to a new feature which I'd like to introduce every Monday (the monday moan)... Basically it's a good excuse to get stuff of my chest &/or pick holes in something which has caught my attention...

Not surprisingly, the first culprit is good ol' Facebook!

This evening, whilst looking at my Facebook news feed, yet another inappropriate advert reared its ugly head in the sponsored ad's sections of my news feed... Don't get me wrong, I know how it works, you type in a word & the bot picks up on it... Everything we write is being watched, everything we 'like' on Facebook is being monitored & they information is passed round the advertisers & so on... What these bots fail to recognise is when you mention a word, you may be pro or anti. 

Today, the Facebook bot has recognised that I talk about my cat... They've been sitting on this one, because I haven't mention the fluffhead for a couple of days. 

Anyhow, up pops the advert...
Calling all cat lovers! Click Like if you are a cat person!

So why did this rattle my cage? no pun intended...

It may surprise you that some pet food companies test their products on animals, not simply to see if they like the taste... In this instance, in the name of science Iams/Eukanuba were exposed for the cruel & unnecessary experiments which they carried out on cats, dogs & other animals. 

In 2001, Uncaged exposed Iams/Eukanuba's painful, invasive & lethal tests on cats, dogs & other animals following extensive research through thousands of scientific journals. Without going into too much details, the experiments included inducing kidney failure, malnutrition, liver damage, severe allergic reactions, stomach inflammation, diarrhoea, severe skin disorders, lesions, skin wounds & other painful illnesses. 

Uncaged's exposure became the front page of UK National newspaper, the Daily Express... Again, in 2003 Iams/Eukanuba were exposed for a 2nd time when it was discovered that they were keeping dogs in appalling conditions; force feeding them vegetable oil, removing chunks of muscle from their thighs & de-barking them by removing their voice-boxes during a painful & inhumane procedure. 

Iams/Eukanuba's disgusting behaviour has resulted in several major UK animal organisations including the RSPCA, The Dogs Trust & The Blue Cross in cutting ties with them. 

You may think that this was a long time ago, so what's my point? Well in 1999 Iams/Eukanuba became part of the Proctor & Gamble corporation...
P&G continue to repeatedly carry out cruel experiments on animals, to develop cosmetics & household products. 

Overall, it's not looking good for Iams, so if you love cats, please boycott Iams & don't be mislead into clicking the like button, when Facebook asks if you like cats.

uncaged - IAMS and animal testing 
Sunday Express - Pet Food Cruelty Exposed
proctor & gamble - animal testing policy


  1. I hate Facebook links even more now! Thanks au much for bringing this to my attention.

    1. They're so crafty, I hope they haven't duped too many people into clicking the like button!


  2. How cruel! That is so sad. Someone needs to create a ' like if you DO NOT like IAMS UK'

  3. oh thats sick!!! will be changing rag's food!!!! which ones are ok to use? he is on iams at the moment, didnt know they did that and to be honest i just thought pet food that was tested on animals just meant they let a dog try the food to see if he liked it! sick, sick sick!!!

    1. It would make sense to carry out taste tests & interestingly enough, all dog food has to be safe for human consumption o_O I've sent you the list, but I think I'll post one here too, for other people to read!


  4. I can't believe a company that is supposed to be there to provide the best nutrition for animals is testing so cruelly! Luckily my mum doesn't buy Iams for her dog!
    On another note, I love the Monday Moan idea :)



    1. It's very backwards, sadly IAMS & P&G aren't the only companies doing this!

      Thank you, I'll put up a grab button so you can link up ^__^


  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one irritated by this sort of advertising! Following you now BTW very lovely blog you have here :)


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