What Product Reviews Would You Like To Read?

Recently, I asked the members of my Facebook group, 
which type of  beauty/cosmetics product reviews they would like to read...

I gave the the options of:

  • hair treatments
  • eye shadow, eye liners, mascara
  • foundation, powder, concealer
  • bath & shower
  • skin care
  • fragrance
  • nail care
  • lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner

The top choices were:

  • hair treatments
  • foundations, powders & concealers
  • bath & shower
  • skincare

I thought it would be worth putting the question to my lovely readers, so here goes... 
What type of product reviews would you like to read? 

If I've missed anything off, or you have any suggestions feel free to comment & let me know! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking for new hair care products so I'll be selfish and say hair care :)

    I also tagged you for Blogger tag so check it out 'cause I'd love to see your answers!




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