Kidnap The Sandy Claws...

Last week I went shopping & bearing in mind it was only the first week of November, I was faced with christmas fairground rides & christmas elves... To be honest, they didn't really bother me, however it was at that point I began to panic... 

It's only a matter of time before all the Father Christmas impersonators make their way into shopping centres; department stores & what-not...

The whole concept of Santa's Grotto gives me the willies; allowing children to sit on an old man's knee, so they can tell him whether or not they've been good or naughty...

NOT ONLY this public ritual, but on a more personal note, the notion of a strange man coming into my bedroom whilst I'm asleep is beyond creepy! 

'...He sees you when you're sleeping & he know's when you're awake...' 
Need I say anymore?

I can't be the only person who's terrified apprehensive?

Pogonophobia noun - fear of beards
Santaphobia - noun - fear of Father Christmas


  1. I cannot believe how soon Christmas will be here! And you make an excellent point! It is quite disturbing to have little children sit on an old man's knee. Just weird. I never gave much thought to Santa sneaking into one's house in the night, but you are so right! Very creepy! Lol!!!


  2. Ha! You're hilarious but I totally agree. I'm adding that the whole thing gets pretty exhausting by the time the 25th hits. I might have to borrow that Keep Calm poster.....


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