What A Load Of Rubbish...

Oscar The Grouch

Despite having an array of topics which I could quite easily moan about, not to mention it being pretty darn chilly, I'm actually feeling rather chipper this evening! 


This is where I left my post yesterday evening, before having an impromptu visitor... 

Apologies, I shall pick up where I left off! 

Yesterday, whilst visiting a local wildlife & nature reserve, I decided to have some lunch... After I'd eaten, I went on search for a bin - when I say search, I mean I had to go looking & finally I found a bin, tucked away in some bushes (I should have taken a photograph, but it was an after thought)!  The bin was absolutely over-flowing, the car-park had enough spaces for 10-15 cars; the lake was on a popular cycle route & has a pedestrian path around the outskirts... The local council are obviously wanting people to use this facility, so it's imperative that they provide adequate facilities - if they can only afford one bin, then it should be emptied more frequently! 

I know it's not picnic time,  but if it was, I wouldn't like to eat opposite or around bins which have not been emptied, there is NO excuse... Cuts in local government funding, should not be an excuse for not providing useable bins for the public to use... I'm not going to sit on this one, I'm going to get in touch with the Council...

I took my litter home, but others clearly had not! The recycling bins in the town which I live often have bags of rubbish left around & in-front of the bins which are full to capacity! The other day, I noticed a great big sign, which said you would be fined if you littered... In the UK, do people really get fined for littering? Only a few cases come to mind & they seem to be rather quite trivial... 

Oscar the Grouch loves trash, but when he's full, he's full... 

I hope you enjoy this video, I love Oscar (but I don't love trash)


  1. What a shame! People should be embarrassed when they leave trash lying about. I would be!

  2. i wondered what happened to your monday moan- ark i hate litter! i have the awfulk habbit of putting rubbish in my bag and keaving ut all day as i HATE overflowing bins. i thin we do fine people for littering in the uk- but im not sure how much its policed

  3. What a load of rubbish indeed! It's very rare that I can find a bin in close proximity when I need one! You will love this though...

    Once when in Camberley's 'The Mall' I had a packet from something that I needed to throw away that couldn't be stashed ïn my bag for later (probably had some liquid in it before I can't remember) and I ended up having to ask a shop assistant to put it in their big behind the cash desk. When my mum made a comment about there being no bins, the assistant told us that it was a security issue because the mall is close to the military college which makes it a 'target for terrorism'... !!!


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