LUSH Christmas, Discontinued Products & Dupes 2012 {Shower Gels}

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Hey Glameroons!

Today (January 5th) is the last day of Christmastide... Like many people here on the blogosphere, I'm working my way through my crimbo-cosmetics stash! There's nothing worse than finishing a product which you absolutely love, only to find out that it was seasonal... 

If you're a broken-hearted Lushie, The Glambulance is here to help!

I have a series of posts to follow this one, giving alternative suggestions to the seasonal Christmas Lush products of 2012... 

It would be rude not to start with the Queen of Lush Christmas herself, the beautiful Snow Fairy (shower gel) who you may have noticed (see pic) is wearing a rather fancy party dress label! The sweetly scented, creamy-dreamy shower gel reminds me of pear drops & bubblegum...  
Gracing our shelves once a year, this sweet soap of mine, will bring you good cheer! 
 There's a poet in us all!

If you haven't stocked up on Snow Fairy & you love the smell... Why not treat yourself & your skin to the Godmother Soap {which pairs up lovely, with Rockstar}. 
The Godmother soap (the darker pink soap in the picture) shares the same scent. 

Still can't get over Snow Fairy? Why not pick up a Bubblegum Lip Scrub?

Available in stores for the first time last year, Twilight Shower Gel made an early entrance to the Christmas collection having been launched for Halloween! Forget about old-ladies smelling of Lavender, this fresh, yet sweet fragrance shower gel is freckled with glitter, similar to Snow Fairy.

  Personally, I think it's an evening bath product as it's incredibly relaxing... If you hadn't put 2+2 together, it shares the same scent as the Twilight Ballistic, which is available all year round!
This dual-layer ballistic will provide oils for moisture, as well as fizz & bubbles for a bubbly bath!

If you like Lavender, you may also like A French Kiss bubble bar

Alternatives for Ponche are not so easy to distinguish.... Ponche is probably the most masculine of the three Christmas shower gels, packed with orange & tequila... so if you haven't stocked up, I suggest you try the Happy Hippy or perhaps The Olive Branch
In a similar way they're not sweet & flowery, but are a treat nonetheless.

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