Shop Less, Kiss More! #climaterevolution

If you're familiar with LUSH, you will be more than aware that not only do they produce beautiful, fresh, handmade cosmetics but they are also an incredibly prominent campaigning company at the forefront of the beauty industry & more importantly they are an active voice on our high-streets...

LUSH make no bones about their drive to campaign for human rights, animal rights & environmental rights, not to mention their delicious Charity Pot!

Kicking off the new year in style,  with a 2week campaign, LUSH have joined forces with eclectic fashioner designer Dame Vivienne Westwood to bring to us, Climate Revolution

So what's it all about?

Studies have shown that CO2 emissions have put our planet onto a path to a 6 degree rise in global temperature by 2100... It may not sound like much, but this could result in the extinction of approximately 95% of species living on the planet.  

*~* Shop Less, Kiss More *~* 

What we CAN do to help:
The campaign suggests...

The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries in the world. Every time we shop, we use our buying power... We can make our opinions known, we shop with our feet. The most influential thing we can do is to spend our pennies more wisely.

Need inspiration? Check out Greenpeace's Detox Campaign.
Break the bag habit - say no to plastic bags
Shop locally & in particular cut down (or give up) meat. 

Oil companies are making extreme & dangerous decisions... Not only are they making a hole in our pockets, they're making a hole in the habitats of animals such as polar bears - nowhere is safe from their drills... Cuddle up & keep the heating off!

Did you know... The Arctic is the only part of the world which doesn't belong to anybody... You can join Greenpeace & demand that we save the Arctic

Travel light 
~ burn fat & not carbon

The glamourous & delightful smelling Helga of Lush Reading! 
This is only the tip of the iceberg... 

Together, LUSH & Vivienne Westwood aim to raise awareness & provoke thought, with shop window displays, postcards, badges & petitions all of which have been designed by Vivienne Westwood...

Follow the revolution::

Alternatively, pop into your local LUSH store!

Find out more, sign up & spread the word -

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