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"... I love lists, especially to-do lists...
I like reading them, writing them & then writing them some more...
I don't like doing to-do lists..."
                                                                               Pixee Pea 

At this time of year, resolutions are popping up all over the place... Who sticks to them? Who really cares? I wan't to lose weight, I want to get fit, I want to sleep better... blah,blah,blah... 

Quite frankly, resolutions are often negative; picking holes in oneself & ones lifestyle.   
I've decided to write a bucket list of 13things, which I'd like to do...

It's not about success or failure or the time in which you achieve it, it's about self-fullfillment!
Other opportunities might arise & I may, or may not share them here...

~ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken... ~ Oscar Wilde

Here are my 13things//for2013

Wish me luck ^__^

[01] Reach 1000 Twitter followers - I'm totally aware since beginning this blog in March that I've not shared my twitter link (for various reasons). If you've got twitter, you can follow me @pixee_pea 
Be sure to tweet me, so I can follow you back!

[02] Make a pair of cyber-flufflies - Over the years, I have bought oodles of faux-fur to make myself various items of clothing & accessories... In 2013, I'm determined to get crafting, you have my word! 

[03] Re-home an animal from a rescue center &/or volunteer my time it's pretty self-explanatory

[04] Book my complimentary spa treatment - Who'd have thought this was work training?

[05] Join a dance class - I used to dance, it was fun, going to give it another twirl whirl!

[06] Get myself back onto Youtube - I'm a trained broadcaster *blushes* & over the past couple of weeks, I've had a number of requests for tutorials & workshops, so watch this space!

[07] To get back into photography- I've been so busy & the weather's been dull but I'm going to make an effort to get my Flickr account back up & rolling... 

[08] To be more adventurous... I went Zorbing (sphering) a few years ago, it was epic! 
SO MUCH FUN, it can't be done alone!

[09] To hit my hoarding habit on the head... I'm gonna buy 1, give one away free *shifty-eyes*

[10] Host a 'shwopping' party... "...one mans rubbish, is another mans treasure..."

[11] Visit a European place of interest... I just need to make time!

[12] Take more quality time out... Everyone deserves a rest & I don't give myself time!

[13] Number13, unlucky for some... My friends have been nagging, so this year, I suppose I ought to join them at the mother of all heavy-metal festivals \m/(>.<)\m/

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