Poor Service... *shakes head*

Evening Glameroons,

 Today I'd like to share with you something which has been bugging me for some time, poor customer service... 

It's pretty self explanatory, but let me give you some examples of the poor customers service which I have recently received.

Last week, I went shopping at Marks & Spencer... I wanted to purchase a Hello Kitty body shimmer powder, which came with a large dusting brush... As usual, I checked the packaging... not tested on animals, vegan & Hello Kitty.
I thought I was onto a winner.  

However... there was no indication as to what the bristles on the dusting brush were made off... I found a very helpful cosmetics adviser, she did what I did & read the packaging; she felt the bristles & said they felt like they were natural hair (she probably thought it was a good selling point)
 I politely told her I only wanted synthetic.. 

The Cosmetic Adviser suggested I rang M&S Customer Services, but couldn't give me a number. She then suggested I went over to the online-interactive table, where I could pretend to purchase the item & potentially find out the material which the brush was made of. There was a very helpful Customer Adviser at the table, who offered to help. He also said they felt like the bristles were natural... He too advised I make a phone-call or send an email to Customer Services. 

The item was originally £7.50 & it was reduced to £3.50 - by the time I'd got home, sent an email, waited for a reply & then made my way back to the shop... I'd have to ask myself for £3.50 was it worth it? Would they have any left? What about my green-footprint?

Quite frankly & surely, one of the advisers should have offered to make that phone-call for me...

Another example of poor service I have received over the past couple of weeks, again in Marks & Spencer (although at a different store) & once in a large department store, when it came to purchase & pack I quite clearly stated that I did not need a plastic bag, because I had my own - in one instance I put my bag on the counter & the assistant ignored me & my bag...  

On the 2nd occasion, there was one lady taking the money & another packing... I clearly stated 3 times that I did not need a bag, because I had my own - she proceeded to smile & put my stuff in a bag... I walked away from the counter, with my own empty canvas bag & a brand new plastic bag full of my goods. I moved to the side of the counter, emptied my purchases, into my bag, neatly folded the plastic bag I had been given & slapped it back on the counter... 

If you've been following my blog, you'll know I dislike plastic bags (sometimes on a rare occasion one may be needed) but I what I dislike even more, is being ignored... That's what I call poor customer service.

In the future, should this happen to me... I'm going to question the sales assistant & actually ask if they were listening to me... 

Is it just me, or has anybody else experienced poor customer service?

Does anybody else suffer from a Tim Minchin Conscience...



  1. I used to work in customer services and always went out of my way to help (including walking up 6 flights of stares to the warehouse and search all through it fir an item) so it really annoys me when they are not helpful .
    unlike you too I keep everything I buy in my ownbag and if they try to pack it I stand in front if the counter to take it out of the plastic . I don't care if I'm in the way

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