HTML How To #1 Make a Hyperlink

Evening Glameroons!

This evening things are getting a little bit geek-chic as I'll be sharing with you how to create HTML links within text & how you can use this to share a direct link to your blog, 
when commenting on other Blogger's posts. 

When creating links to external pages within a blog post, Blogger has a nifty link button which you can click & it'll allow you to add or remove a link with minimal effort.

Not only can you add external links within blog posts, you can add them to the widgets surrounding your blog post & my personal favourite, creating a direct link to my blog, which I can use as a signature when posting on other blogs.

What the link button doesn't tell you is, exactly what's happening...

An example: <A HREF="">Click here to read The Glambulance</A>

An explanation:

☛ The A stands for anchor...  This indicates that you will be beginning the HTML for an external link
☛ The HREF stands for Hypertext Reference → Telling the link where it's going to go Is the URL where the link is going
Click here to read The Glambulance Is the text which appears, to be clicked on...
☛ The /A shows the end of the 'command'

It's pretty straightforward... 
If you're not comfortable writing your own, copy, paste & edit the example below 


Once you have your code, you can paste in into the 'comment box' 
when you're signing off you're comment...
to copy ctrl c // cmd c to paste ctrl v // cmd v

I hope this post has been helpful. As always, any questions please comment below...


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