Introducing Bleat: A New Social Networking Site.

Earlier this month, a new social networking site called Bleat was launched! Bleat is a social networking site dedicated to sharing the both the health & environmental benefits of living a plant-based & cruelty free lifestyle. 

Bleat provides its users with a single-point resource which educates & informs about how living a cruelty-free plant based diet can not only have a positive effect upon our health as individuals, but on a wider scale, a vegan diet can also have a positive effect upon the environment.

Together with the experience of vegans & some of the worlds largest vegan organisations, Bleat provides a platform which brings people together; where they can share their knowledge, experience & ideas, whilst promoting a healthy & sustainable lifestyle, which is accessible to all.

Bleat provides their users with: "all the support, information & inspiration a vegan needs" from restaurants; stores, hotels, events, recipes, animal-rights campaigns, a cruelty-free market place & health & dietary information, as well as a place to connect & interact with like-minded people. 
In the process they hope to help all vegans live their life to the full, whilst spreading the benefits of a compassionate & cruelty free lifestyle & bringing veganism into the mainstream. 

Bleat is free to join, so if you're vegetarian, vegan or just curious to find out more, 
I totally recommend joining, you can follow me here.


  1. oh i should recommend this to my friend :) thanks for sharing!

    Invite you to join :)
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  2. Thanks for sharing, I will go check it out!!

  3. Hi hun, I've just found your blog, its really great and unique. I hope to see more posts from you, xoxo.


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