Introducing:: 14things//for2014

Hey Glameroons,

I hope you're all having a fabulously festive couple of weeks 
& are looking forward to welcoming in the new year!

Let me introduce you to - 14things//for2014
is essentially a bucket list of 14 things which

 I would like to accomplish during 2014. 

Throughout the year, I shall be linking up with fellow bloggers 
& you're invited to join us! If you're interested please comment below with 
your email address below & I'll add you to the mailing list & send you over the details to get started... I've also created a Facebook group, which you can join here:

~* other bloggers who have already linked up include *~

Melanie (aka Miss Melvis) ~ Me, Bookshelf and I
Anna ~ In The Playroom
Leesha ~ Life of Leesha Starr

Social Psychologists have identified an effect called social contagion, which suggests that people will gain extra willpower if they're surrounded by people who are also trying 
to accomplish things & complete particular challenges. If we all engage & 
encourage each other, we can share inspiration & ultimately complete our bucket lists in style!

Got any questions, comment below!

You're welcome to join us at any point during the ye



  1. Fabulous idea - I'll see if I can work this in with my next post (where I want to travel in 2014)

    1. Thank you for your comment, that sound's like a lovely idea ^__^
      I'll be sure to check out your blog! x

  2. Great idea, will see what I can do, would love to join!

    1. Lovely stuff, would be great to have you on board! x

  3. I was thinking about doing this! However, I am quite content and couldn't come up with 4 things I would like to do, nevermind 14 lol.

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. I really love this idea! I might have a think, there are so many thing I would love to do in 2014 xx


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