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14 Things For 2014

He who breaks a resolution is a weakling... 
He who makes one is a fool - F.M Knowles

Being totally honest, I'm not really into New Years Resolutions - I try & live by the idea of if you recognise you ought to make a change, you ought to make it there & then, rather than hold it out until January 1st... Perhaps that's just me?! Nonetheless, I love a good list & a bucket list is no exception!

Following last years 13Things//For2013, I decided to follow the same notion for this year... 
Only this time, obviously, my list has increased to 14things which I'd like to achieve during this year!
I'm linking up with a number of other bloggers & if you'd like to join, you can find all the introductory information here.

At this time of year, resolutions are popping up all over the place... Who sticks to them? Who really cares? I wan't to lose weight, I want to get fit, I want to sleep better... blah,blah,blah... 

Quite frankly, resolutions are often negative; picking holes in oneself & ones lifestyle.   
I've decided to write a bucket list of 14things, which I'd like to do...

It's not about success or failure or the time in which you achieve it, it's about self-fullfillment!
Other opportunities might arise & I may, or may not share them here...

~ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken... ~ Oscar Wilde

01:: Buy a custom domain for my blog: Quite frankly, I think it's about time!

02:: Go to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice: Every year when it gets around that time, I think ooh, I really ought to go this year & then life gets in the way - not this year!

03:: Go to a live music/theatre/comedy event once a month: 'nuff said.

04:: Partake in a Photo365: It's what is says on the tin.

05:: Make my own soap: Last year a dear friend of mine, gave me a soap-making book.. I've been on the look-out for a cruelty free base & think I've finally found one - looking forward to this challenge!

06:: Brush up on my foreign languages: Parlez-Vous Francais?

07:: Finish reading Game of Thrones: I'm currently on book 2/7 *...I've got the power...*

08:: Knit myself a snood: challenge01 - learn to knit.  challenge02 - knit the snood.

09:: Complete a 10-Pan Product Challenge: I have so many half-used makeup products, I really ought to use some of them up before I purchase anymore - it's gonna be a toughy!

10:: Learn to make vegan Yorkshire Puddings: I love Yorkshire Puddings #getinmyface

11:: Book an Indian head massage: I'm so looking forward to this...

12:: Subscribe to a monthly box: I've finally found a monthly box which is both cruelty free & vegan, the Vegan Kind - I subscribed this morning - can't wait to receive my first box!

13:: Create a happiness jar: Write down each thing that brings you happiness during the year on a post it note & put it in a jar, at the end of the year look back at everything that made you smile.

14:: Go to VegFest 2014: I'd love to go to Brighton VegFest, but I'd be just as happy if I end up going to London or Bristol - need to consolidate with the Filofax!

Have you made any new years resolutions or a bucket list?
Share them below!

Have a good one Glameroons ^__^


  1. Love love love the idea of a happiness jar! Good Luck with your list Pixiee!!

  2. Great list! #3 is also one on my list and I've been thinking about my slow degenerative memory of the French language since that year we went to Paris and how I really ought not to allow it any further!

  3. that Wilde quote is nice!! haha made me smile ;)
    and the theatre/music resolution is very interesting!! i should do it too but i keep forgetting.

  4. Ahh I love the happiness jar!! I may have to copy this x

  5. Making soap sounds like a brilliant plan, I wish I'd put that on my list!

  6. these are great - your list is so positive!

  7. I love your resolutions, particularly the one about making soap! I love all of the cruelty free on your blog too, I've nominated you for a liebster award:

  8. Love the idea of setting tasks instead of life changes...much more doable! I tagged you in the liebster award at

  9. I'd quite like a go at making my own soap too, and my own candles! I like the idea of a happiness jar, I may have to have a go at that myself. Good luck for 2014! xx


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