Lush {UK} Discontinued Products (2012)

Evening Blog-lings!
I'm afraid there's no easy way to say this
I read this earlier today & thought it only made sense to share it...

Here is the 2012 list of products which Lush will be discontinuing

- Happy Blooming bath melt
- A token to the Forest Gods sauna tab
- Sun and Moon steamer tab
- Snake Oil
- Lust soap
- 13 (Unlucky for Dirt) soap
- Rocketeer ballistic
- Vanilla Fountain ballistic
- Geo Phyzz ballistic
- Friends with benefits massage bar
- Silk Stocking body tint
- A million kisses lip tint
- Double Choc lip tint
- Sweet Lips lip scrub
- Glorious Mud shower scrub
- Coco lotion body lotion
- Crème Anglaise body lotion

Gorilla Perfume (will still be available online)

- Dirty Perfume
- Smell of Freedom
- Tuca Tuca
- 1000 Kisses
- Ginger
- Love
- Orange Blossom
- 25:43
- All perfume oils (inhale, exhale, 3 parts of smell of freedom)
- All 2g samples + samples gift boxes

I'm gutted about Tuca Tuca, Geo Phyzz & The Rocketeer being discontinued!
Although, perhaps they're making way for something new?!
Which products will you be sad to say goodbye to?


  1. This list makes me very sad indeed. I hate it when they discontinue favourites. I hardly shop at lush now because majority of the stuff I liked disappears. :(

    1. It's a shame, when you find a product you love!
      Each month the retro changes online, it's always worth checking out ^__^


  2. If they are discontinuing these items, I hope they are replacing them with ones that are just as good!!! New follower on your GFC from the WED. blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back the same way--I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by & for following!
      I'll be sure to check out your blog ^__^

      I agree, despite some of my favourites going, I'm excited to see what's new!


  3. Oh no! I love the lip scrub! Maybe these things will go on sale and I can stock up. Stopping by from the blog hop.

    Penniless Socialite

  4. It's always a bummer when things get discontinued, hopefully new and fun stuff will fill the spots :) New follower!


  5. Thanks for the heads up. I was so upset when they discontinued my fav bubble bar Flosty Gritter. x


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