30 Day Lush Challenge: Day 27

Congratulations! You’ve won a trip to visit the factory, and part of your prize includes you getting to create and design your own personal product... 
What would your product be? (type, scent, purpose, etc.) 

Making my own personalised product sounds like heaven, having said that I've had the pleasure of making a creamy candy bubble bar at a Lush party ^__^

I'm going to go all out with my product & suggest a dual-layer ballistic, think Dragons Egg; Twilight & Fizzbanger... The scent would have to be mixed berries, with neroli, orange oil & bergamot. These essential oils are uplifting - 
TOP TIP: Bergamot is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder!

As a stand alone scent, Bergamot smells amazing!

For an additional WOW I'd add some silver glitter, think Sunny Side, Space Girl & the perhaps I'd add a cheeky silver glitter cube in the middle, Dragons Egg style!

Not only would I add glitter, but I think popping candy would be essential (Cinders, Space Girl, Party Popper) & perhaps even some honey-dew melon soap confetti (Party Popper).

It's purpose, is quite simply to make one casually smell awesome!

& for sheer self indulgence, I'd name it Pixee ^__-

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