The not-so Quiet Zone...

Evening Glameroons,

First of all, I'd like to give you a little update to how I shall be publishing my Monday Moan.

I've decided that I shall be posting every fortnight, as being totally honest, I'm pretty chipper & I don't have enough things to moan about. That said, I'm open to publishing guest posts on alternate weeks if anybody would like to contribute, drop me a line & lets get the ball rolling!

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I spend quite a lot of my time on trains... You'll also know that I'm not particularly a fan of travelling on trains. The service provided from my local station is certainly lacking; with hiked-up fees, filthy seats & poor punctuality, especially during the winter months, I don't find commuting an enjoyable experience. Leading to my Monday Moan, aside from the above, I rarely see train-staff(?) present on the train.

As you can see from the image, the quiet zone is identified as a 'peaceful area' & so mobile phones, headphones & personal stereos are not permitted to be used... In my opinion, this should be extended to talking loudly about nonsense & eating loudly &/or with your mouth open!!

Given the choice, I will opt to travel in the 'quiet-zone' because I like to read whilst commuting & it's usually a less-busy carriage. Unfortunately, it's not always the least quiet & there's always atleast one inconsiderate passenger, who can't help but have their music blaring out of their headphones - it really does my nut, why do they think everybody else wants to listen to their music?! I'll often listen to music whilst travelling, but I'm really conscious about other people being able to hear it & so I don't play mine loud enough to drown out the other music & so in order to stop (the usual) fusion of garage & industrial metal, I turn my ipod off & try to ignore the external racket.

What is the point of having rules, if nobody enforces them?

Other examples of rules which are displayed, yet often not enforced include:

Litter fines.
Dog mess fines.
Maximum weight capacity in lifts.
Walking on the left-hand side of the stairs.

If you watch Miranda (BBC1), tonights episode saw her cutting the earphone-cord of the passenger sat infront of her, because she didn't want to listen to his music - it's definitely worth a watch!

Do you have similar experiences?
What are your strategies for stress-free commuting?

ps:: can you imagine, asking the 8th person in the lift how much they weigh?

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