30 Day Lush Challenge: Day 30

Lush is extremely notorious for being a very ethical company in terms of their sourcing and campaigning, as well as all the green initiatives they take for packaging. The fact that all products are 100% vegetarian and 80% are vegan, plus all solid products don’t have a preservative attracts many as well. Are Lush’s ethics a reason why you use Lush products?

Fighting Animal Testing & many other good causes!
The simple answer is to this, is yes...

One of my bug bears is when products are not clearly labelled, whether or not they are suitable for vegetarians or vegans, at Lush everything is clearly labelled, so the consumer know's exactly what they're getting. 

This weekend, the Guardian Newspaper published an article whereby Ethical Consumer magazine had complied a list of shops which are not putting their company profits into a tax haven & Lush featured #1.

Not only this, in 2012 Lush were awarded Which? consumer magazines award for best customer service, voted for by customers!

Lush are a very prominent campaigning company, focusing on animal rights; human rights & environmental issues... With each of the campaigns, a specific product will be produced to support the campaign. As a consumer if you do not agree with the campaign, you can still shop at Lush & just avoid buying that particular product... 

Contrary to belief it's extremely easy to be an ethical, cruelty free, consumer. Companies like Lush make ethical shopping extraordinary & not out of the ordinary... 

click here: to read the Guardian's article...

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